Benefits of 12-Step Integration

It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.

SOBA College Recovery is an evidenced-based treatment program that utilizes a multi-faceted approach to help clients become substance free and eventually thrive. We believe in the effectiveness of individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, supportive housing, medication (when needed), higher education, and job skills training.

A number of the owners of SOBA College Recovery are in long-term recovery themselves, and in addition to the therapy and treatment that some of them received, they also greatly benefited from 12-step meeting attendance and fellowship. It was in the rooms of 12-step programs where they heard others talk about “giving back” and the importance of “passing it on.” Eager to share the healing and joys of recovery with others, they founded SOBA College Recovery in 2014.

Want to learn more about our 12-Step Integration?

Clients at SOBA College Recovery whom are receiving treatment for substance use disorders are required to attend 12-step meetings. Within 30 days of enrolling at SOBA College Recovery, they must get a sponsor and join a local home group. To be clear, this is not in lieu of treatment nor part of treatment. There are added benefits from attending 12-step meetings, including access to role models, a larger peer group, social supports, the opportunity for service, and the greater development of compassion and gratitude.

A few years ago, Dr. John Kelly, a Harvard Psychiatrist, published a study about the benefits of 12-step meeting attendance. His study included over 300 young people ages 18-24. He found that people who attended three or more meetings a week (and also shared in at least one of those meetings) had higher rates of abstinence than people who attended less than three meetings (or no meetings) on a weekly basis. You can read more about Dr. Kelly’s study here.

SOBA College Recovery has strong ties to the local recovery community. Several SOBA College Recovery Alumni are now full-time students and attend local meetings. They are fantastic role models for the current SOBA College Recovery clients. Once a week, SOBA College Recovery hosts an evening, non-denominational 12-step meeting where we acknowledge recovery milestones with celebration and share  our experiences of strength and hope. As clients progress, they become more independent and start going to meetings on their own and begin developing their own network of people they rely on for guidance, strength, support, and experience.