A Message From Greg Hannley – Founder of SOBA

Message from SOBA's drug rehabs New Jersey Founder on their addiction treatment CenterWhen SOBA College Recovery was founded, our primary motivator was the need for change. Something needed to change in the way that drug and alcohol addiction along with co-occurring mental health disorders were being treated. We started getting glimpses of what that change should look like.

We strive to play an integral part in the evolution of addiction and mental health treatment. We knew what worked, and wanted to start an innovative program for young adults. SOBA knew many could gain the tools they needed to implement long-lasting change in their lives. Integrating proven methods with inventive new ideas, we have crafted a multidisciplinary treatment plan that simply works.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Qualified Staff

We set out to combine an array of resources, including personal experience, principles of Eastern and Western medicine, clinical trial findings, and various alternative treatment approaches. In referencing these different treatment philosophies, we have been able to offer proven and refined treatment plan options. We wanted to give those afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction and the mental illness that often occurs with it a safe, comfortable environment in which to receive help.

We then assembled our team: some of the most dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field. It is these people who carry out our vision on a daily basis. All members of our team hold core values that mirror those of our foundation as a whole. Individually and together, we strive to be understanding and compassionate. We treat all of our clients with the respect that we know they deserve.

The core of the SOBA College Recovery program lies not with any single individual, but rather in the sum of all our experiences, qualities, and skills. Each team member possesses a distinct perspective, and in turn, brings something unique to the table. We value the input of all members of our team, as we know that without each individual part we cannot operate efficiently as a whole. We are here to help clients through all phases of the treatment cycle, and our diverse team does just that.

Long-term Drug Rehabs New Jersey Plans

We have short and long term visions of success for SOBA drug rehabs Jersey facility. We provide clients with effective sober homes in South Jersey, and drug rehabilitation treatment on a daily basis. This is so that they can begin to heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However, our long term goals are much more than the substance abuse treatment we provide to current clients. We have a growing family of Alumni, friends, and associations who support our mission. The alumni of our program truly represent our long term vision. They are leading happy, successful lives, and most importantly they are continuing to help others do the same.

We maintain strong relationships with our Alumni as well as their families. We 0encourage Alumni to continue to be active members of our community after successfully completing our program. Some have been able to join our team as employees, having newfound gratitude for the opportunities they were given and a desire to help others achieve the same successes.

Our Alumni serve as a pillar of hope to those who have been beaten and broken by the pains of active addiction. After all, they are the most honest example of what effective treatment can do for those suffering from addiction or co-occurring mental disorders. Alumni can help guide clients through the program, using their own experience of growth and change to inspire those around them. The completion of treatment here at SOBA College Recovery is not really an end, but rather the beginning of a new and exciting life in recovery.

Greg Hannley