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Long-Term Drug Rehab in NJ

Long-Term Drug Treatment Means Long-Term Recovery

Learning to live a life in recovery takes time and a lot of help. That’s why at SOBA New Jersey we offer treatment programs that can last up to 6 months or longer. Long-term rehab provides individuals with the time required to develop the skills, mindset, and lifestyle necessary for living sober and is often the best option to achieve a life of sobriety.

The length of this program helps to prevent relapse by breaking patterns of addiction through structured treatment. We treat and teach our clients to live a life free from addiction through a gradual step-down process, easing them into a life post-treatment. Long-term drug treatment is especially helpful for a person experiencing chronic relapse or severe addiction.

We know that everyone progresses at their own pace during treatment. A long-term rehab facility like ours gives our clients the time and freedom needed to recover. Plus, the longer someone receives the proper structure and support, the more likely they are to have a successful recovery. To have the best chance of a successful recovery, long-term rehab is the answer.

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What Is Long-Term Drug Rehab?

Long-term rehab is treatment for an addiction that lasts more than 90 days and can be up to 180 days or more. It typically consists of a detox, addiction therapy, and aftercare services and results in the greatest chance of a person’s successful recovery. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the optimal duration of addiction treatment programs is 90 days or more. The longer the stay, the better the outcome.

Who is Long-Term Rehab For?

We recommend a long-term rehab plan for anyone looking to maintain recovery and live a successful, sober life. Long-term therapy works very well for anyone with a severe or long-standing addiction. Long-term treatment is also best for those with a dual diagnosis. Other individuals who do best in this program are those who have already failed to successfully complete short-term programs. Anyone who has had many relapses or who is going through recovery challenges can benefit from long-term treatment.

How Does Long-Term Rehab Work?

In long-term rehab, the treatment typically begins with detoxification which can last between 5-10 days. During detox, the individual stops using substances of all kinds and is assisted with withdrawal management by our care team. Depending on which substance was being abused, individuals may get different types of treatment. Some may only need supportive supervision and care while others will need to undergo a medically assisted detox. Our care team diagnoses and chooses the right treatments and detox duration to best manage withdrawal symptoms.

While some people think detox is the pinnacle of rehab treatment, it is only the beginning. Without receiving further treatment, detox alone will rarely guarantee a lasting recovery and long-term sobriety. After detox, our clients move through Residential Inpatient Treatment, which lasts about 30 days, and then Partial CareIntensive Outpatient, and Outpatient during the remaining months of treatment. Our clients are stepped down to less rigorous treatment levels along the way, as approved by our treatment team. This prepares them to live a successful, sober life, after graduating from our program.

How Do I Get Started?

Talk to an Admissions Coordinator to get started. One of our experts will evaluate your situation, verify your insurance, answer all of your questions, and help you take the first steps.

Why Do Long-Term Treatment Programs Work?

Our long-term rehab program in New Jersey works for several reasons. The recovery processes we put in place help individuals to become sober in an effective and natural way. Long-term treatment facilities have a goal to help addicts to become productive citizens. To achieve this goal, the facilities help addicts to regain their confidence, self-respect, and sense of responsibility.

Long-term programs emulate real communities. Once detoxification is complete, residents in recovery receive extra freedoms within their rehab centers. The whole point of long-term programs is to restore individuals to everyday life. This means they are well-prepared to return to their life outside of treatment once their rehab is complete.

Part of the treatment process involves attending counseling. An individual will receive one-on-one therapies and counseling as part of their treatment. This will help patients to get to the root cause of their addictions. It will also help them to identify their triggers and plan how to avoid them in the future. In addition to individual counseling, individuals will also receive group therapies. These will help to build up a sense of community. Those in a similar situation will be able to form a close network and support each other. Hopefully, these relationships will prove to be beneficial both during treatment and afterward. Since support is so important to recovery, group therapies are a vital element in rehab. Family therapies also form an essential basis to rehab. 

Long-Term Rehab: A Community of Care

Our long-term drug rehab program is focused on building the foundation for a successful, sober future. To achieve this, we build a community of care into our program. This means our facilities are designed to be welcoming, safe, and supportive environments enabling the best treatment possible. We also deliver peer-to-peer recovery. Many of our support staff have gone through the recovery process and know what battling addiction is like. Our support staff is there to help and guide our clients 24/7, providing a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand.

Going Beyond Long-Term Treatment

Statistically, long-term treatment is the most successful approach to treating addiction. At SOBA New Jersey we do everything we can to help our clients overcome addiction and prepare for life outside of treatment. This includes setting up a support network, going to 12 step meetings, and securing a sponsor. When treatment ends and our clients graduate, we make sure they’re fully prepared for life after treatment. 

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