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Family Program

Our Family Program

Addiction can be detrimental to families. It can make members feel isolated, misunderstood, angry, and can splinter the family unit. These issues spill over into life outside of the home as well. They can cause problems at work, school, and more. Unfortunately, this often leads to a level of animosity and distrust among family members. It’s a devastating experience for families to go through and the team at SOBA New Jersey completely understands that. Family can be vital to a successful recovery, which is why we put extensive care and planning into our Family Program as part of our addiction treatment program.

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Healing The Family Unit

Therapy, safe housing, fun activities and getting an education are crucial aspects of our program. We strive to help improve the lives of our clients, but maximum recovery happens with family involvement and restoration. We help families heal so that all members can return to their daily routines without distractions. Family involvement is much more than sending care packages and making phone calls. There are important steps that need to be taken to fully heal a family unit – SOBA New Jersey will help you take those steps.

Our Family Program Groups

SOBA New Jersey offers a two-part family program every Thursday. In the first group, we educate family members about boundaries, expectations and the process of treatment.

The second group is a multi-family group, where ground rules are set, confidentiality is explained, and everyone gets to know each other, sharing their struggles and their successes. This group helps struggling families realize that they are not alone, that other families are on the journey with them, and that there is a path forward to recovery.

We provide a weekly psychoeducation lesson, followed up by individual sharing and support. Families get to know each other over the course of several months. They end up listening, talking, laughing, crying and rooting for each other. It is a community of families, for families.

We’re Here For You

SOBA New Jersey is here to help your family heal. We’ve been through it. We know it can get so much better. Let us help.

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