Ritalin vs Adderall

  December 17, 2018    

Around 11 percent of children in the United States have a diagnosis of ADHD. Often, doctors will prescribe stimulant medications... View Article

Is Alcohol Self-Detox at Home A Good Idea?

  October 16, 2018    

Detoxification is when the body rids itself of any excess toxins that have been left in the body by alcohol. This stage is the first real step to recovery. Detoxing from alcohol is a difficult experience including withdrawal symptoms that are at times severe and painful. It is recommended to seek professional help from a rehabilitation facility.

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

  October 1, 2018    

For a heavy drinker who is used to binge drinking, the process of alcohol withdrawal and detoxification can be extremely dangerous if it is not handled properly and carefully. This is because a heavy drinker has developed a chemical dependency within his or her body. The nervous system does not function correctly. It is fooled into thinking it requires alcohol to continue working efficiently. The brain lacks the necessary neurotransmitters to function and gets sent into shock, causing the blood levels to also go into shock.

The Power of Positivity During Recovery

  September 19, 2018    

Most people are aware of the benefits of thinking positively, whether you have a physical illness, a mental problem or a substance abuse disorder. However, those who are struggling with addiction often find that taking a positive attitude is incredibly difficult and they need some help and guidance to find that path.

Could An Alcohol Intervention Break The Cycle Of Denial?

  September 18, 2018    

TV programs and movies have given the impression that families should be responsible for hosting alcohol interventions. The simplistic view that the media show is all families need to do is get together and have a good long conversation about the problem. Unfortunately, interventions are never that easy, especially in the case of alcohol abuse.

The Truth Behind How Detox Programs Prepare You for Going to Treatment Afterward

  September 11, 2018    

No matter what stage of addiction you are in, you can be cured with a well-planned and well-executed medically assisted detox program. But, if you are thinking of trying those “amazing” home remedies and alternative solutions that you have heard about, then you are in for a nasty surprise. They do not work. They have no structure and do not focus on the real problem. You will soon find yourself back where you were before you started.

How To Hold An Intervention For An Alcoholic – An Expert Guide

  September 10, 2018    

Contrary to belief, interventions are not just about trying to persuade your addicted loved one to open up about his or her problem and seek help. In fact, the primary function of any intervention is to help the whole family to make changes.

Is Detox Enough?

  June 1, 2018    

When someone is recovering from an addiction, the most successful treatment will not only help him or her to eradicate... View Article