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5 Excuses Addicts Use To Avoid Rehab

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are usually quite reluctant to go into rehab in the first place to receive treatment. However, why do addicts resist treatment when their behavior is only leading them onto a downward path?

The very nature of their addiction means addicts often use every excuse in the book to avoid getting the treatment they need. If a young person in your life has a substance abuse disorder, he or she will probably have already made many excuses about why he or she is unable to go to rehab. But, understanding the reasons why the person put off treatment can help you persuade him or her otherwise and can also lead him or her to receiving a more customized treatment to suit his or her needs.

  1. I Can’t Stay Away From School Or My Job

Some addicts have already reached rock bottom and are now unemployed or have dropped out of school. Many more are still in school or college or have employment of some sort. These are poor reasons not to attend a drug rehabilitation program. There are intensive outpatient drug rehabs New Jersey options. However, they often use this as a key reason to avoid seeking the essential treatment to make a recovery from their addiction.

Yet, even if they didn’t have this excuse, they would still find a reason to avoid rehab since their addiction is active. If your loved one were suffering from any other form of illness, he or she wouldn’t think twice about taking the necessary time to seek treatment, and you can point this out to him or her when this is his or her first excuse.

You could also point out if he or she continues with this way of life without getting help, he or she could well end up losing his or her job or being thrown out of his or her educational establishment anyway. After rehab, your loved one can return to employment or education with a fresh mind, ready to work harder and get more out of the experience.

  1. I’ll Lose All My Friends

This is a tricky one, because, in a way, it is true. If all your loved one’s friends are firmly embedded in a world of drink or drugs, he or she will have to leave that social circle behind if he or she wishes to move on to a sober lifestyle. However, once your loved one is in recovery, he or she will realize that those friends were very bad for him or her anyway and should be left in the past where they belong. Even though it may sound negative, the good news is once in rehab, your loved one will meet new people who are a good influence and who will be prepared to be supportive during recovery.

  1. I’m A Hopeless Case

A surprisingly common excuse given by addicts to avoid rehab is they believe they are hopeless cases and can never be cured of their addictions. While it’s true to say there isn’t any cure, addiction can certainly be treated and overcome with effort and hard work. Hopelessness is common among addicts. They have often found themselves using even though they knew the negative consequences that would occur. You can reassure them that there is definitely hope because many addicts have recovered in the past. They will never be able to recover, however, unless they take the opportunity that is presented to them. And, if they are willing to put in the work and effort, they can overcome their problems to live a healthy and happy sober life.

  1. I’m Not Ready Yet

One excuse commonly used by addicts is they haven’t yet hit rock bottom. The reality, however, is they know they’re in a dark place. They just aren’t yet able to see how bad things really are. Also, even though they may still attend college or have a job, that doesn’t necessarily mean the status quo can be maintained in the long term and the addiction will never get worse with severe consequences. Remind your loved one there’s no need to actually be at rock bottom before receiving treatment. A treatment center is happy to help anyone who has a problem with a substance abuse disorder and not only those whose lives have become impossible.

  1. I Need To Use Drugs Or Alcohol To Cope

This is an excuse given by someone who is still in denial about his or her problem. While your loved one may be convinced that he or she can only truly be happy or able to deal with his or her life when using alcohol or drugs, the reality is your loved one cannot rely on this crutch. And, in fact, substances are actually making him or her unhappy and causing many of the problems in his or her life. The fear of giving up substances completely lies in the worry that your loved one will never be able to handle life without something to lean on, and that he or she will never truly feel happy again. Of course, this is certainly not the case. And, once your loved one has been through rehab and entered recovery, he or she will begin to see a sober life can be a very happy and positive one, and he or she can rely on himself or herself to get through any situation without the need to depend on any harmful substances.

Why Do Addicts Make So Many Excuses To Avoid Rehab?
Excuses are given by addicts who try to avoid rehab because their addiction has powerful control over their minds. While they are under the influence of mind-altering substances, they will continue to make excuses that allow them to carry on using, and often, they won’t even be able to see just how bad their addiction has become and what kind of effect it is having on their loved ones.

If your teen has a substance abuse disorder, SOBA College Recovery Addiction Treatment Center is here to help. By identifying the causes of addiction and addressing them in tandem with treating the addiction itself, your loved one can come through rehab and recovery to live a happy and sober life without the need for any drugs or alcohol to help him or her through.

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