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Jon Beats and Recovers from Addiction, Crime & Homelessness

“My message is that there is hope for a better life for yourself. It’s absolutely possible – I’m living proof. Believe in yourself and believe in your loved ones. There is a better way out there. I feel so fortunate I found mine with the Soba team.” – Jon

Today, Soba College Recovery a leading New Jersey-based substance abuse treatment center honors a graduate. He completed all stages of treatment and attended our sober homes NJ facility situated beside Rutgers University. We honor Jon?s empowering story of rising from the ashes. Jon has taken full responsibility for his past. He acknowledges the tremendous efforts of the amazing people who helped him move past a life of drugs, crime, and homelessness. It is never a nice experience when people Google your full name and find your arrest details an d mugshots. Today, Jon, Jahangere Jam, is setting the record straight by being completely transparent. He is accepting responsibility, and being comfortable in his vulnerability in speaking out about the most difficult experiences of his life.

From Astronaut to Drug Addict

At age 5, Jon wanted to be a Space Explorer or an Astronaut when he grew up. Instead, another type of life showed up and today he is thankful that it is never too late to climb out of the pit of addiction and the trouble it can bring. In 2015, his journey at Soba began when he became a client. He felt absolutely broken and had been in and out of a string of other treatment centers. The truth is that Jon was very close to giving up and thought he would die a terrible alcoholic drug addicts death. He describes the unparalleled love and understanding shown to him. It was unlike any of the other drug rehabilitation centers.

Drug Rehabs New Jersey Saves Lives

Believe me when I say that SOBA New Jersey, literally, saved my life. Unfortunately, I had many stays in other centers and my fair share of experiences to compare it with. Now, no matter what is happening around me, one of the most important things I do for me every day is to make a very conscious effort to truly connect with at least one of my clients and really be present with them to share my story of how I was able to pull through the darkest times,” expressed, Jon. “This is my most powerful and valuable personal toolbox of positive influence”

“Just the sheer feeling of joy in being able to relate to someone who is also feeling the pain I felt and to let them know in the moment I was that soldier so to speak too. I’ve been in that same position and clients have told me this sense of camaraderie can be quite comforting in their hour of need. Then, an important next step is for me to truthfully tell them precisely how I handled some awful situations to get through to the other side of the tunnel. I do believe Soba is different than the rest and I know others feel that way too. Everyone can relate to each other here. This really helps with the healing process on an individual and group level.”

Don’t Let Drug Addiction Take Away Your Future

“Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my life and have been spending a lot of time organizing my thoughts and my goals. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is you must do what you love. I want to live a life with no more regrets. I want to chase my dreams and live this life of mine to the fullest. I’ve squandered far too much precious time already. I’m often asked who inspires me now? SOBA helped me in finding a job after treatment.”

“Honestly, I think in some ways I tend to inspire myself. I love who I am now and who I’m becoming. I want to continue to be a better person tomorrow than I am today. How can I possibly stay motivated on a daily basis? My loved ones motivate me. My friends and family and absolutely gorgeous girlfriend keep me motivated every single hour of the day. I never again want to feel the pain I felt in the past.”

From Homelessness to Prison

Jon has lived through black days from the isolation of living on the streets to serving time in prison. There were torturous thoughts going through his mind of how many people close to him he had hurt and stolen from to feed his addiction. Here was a man who had turned his back on and blatantly ignored all of the morals and values which had been carefully instilled in him in exchange for one more bag of drugs. The greatest jail can be the one within your own mind. He had felt a great emptiness – a massive void if you will. The feeling of futility or uselessness is something he wishes upon no one else.

Addiction Treatment Provides Hope for a Better Life

Wishing to add some closing remarks, Jon commented that, “I just want to use this as a platform to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey at SOBA thus far. The power of positivity during recovery is amazing. I truly wouldn’t be here without everyone who has helped me. My message is that there is hope for a better life for yourself. It’s absolutely possible – I’m living proof. Believe in yourself and believe in your loved ones. There is a better way out there. I feel so fortunate I found mine with the SOBA team.”

“Finally, on a personal note, when I’m 55 I want to be a great husband and the best example of a father. I just want to have made a positive change in as many lives as possible. My wish is to surrounded by love for everyone in my life while remaining healthy, happy, and free like I am today. Thank you all so very much for giving someone like me a really big second chance.” In a way, Jon’s dreams when he was 5 now have liftoff again.