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Letter Of Recommendation From Woodbridge Township

April 1, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Soba College Recovery (now SOBA New Jersey) has been instrumental in helping to combat the opioid epidemic in Woodbridge Township and Middlesex County. Not only do they offer excellent long-term treatment and support, but they are pioneers in outreach.

With the help of Soba, Woodbridge has been able to establish a successful Opioid Overdose Recovery Program, in which Soba College Recovery Specialists visit overdose victims in the hospital and assist them in attaining recovery. This program has already begun saving lives by helping patients get treatment when historical data show they almost certainly would not have done so.

Soba College Recovery has also worked within the community to help establish recovery support systems such as our Woodbridge Addiction Recovery Mentorship (W.A.R.M.) in which several Soba employees participate in informal mentorship roles. It is with great enthusiasm that we recommend Soba College Recovery to young people suffering from Substance Use Disorder and ask that their efforts be supported by insurers and the community.