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Long-Term Alcohol Rehab in NJ

Young people who are recovering from substance addiction often face a precarious time when they are transitioning from their rehab phase to the home environment. If they are not quite ready to face this new stage so soon after becoming sober, the chances of suffering from a relapse are higher, putting them right back to the very beginning of their recovery process. Worryingly, the figures show that those who attend short-term treatment have up to an 80 percent chance of relapsing without further intervention. And, because there is no guarantee they will ever be able to motivate themselves to go through the process of quitting a second time, it is easy to see how this is a wasted opportunity. A long-term alcohol rehab center could be the perfect answer.

What Is Long-Term Rehab?

A short-term rehab will only last for around a month, and although this gives young people a great start on the process of recovery, it will probably not be long enough to fully break a habit that has lasted for many years. Spending a longer amount of time in a more protective environment improves their chances of recovery success and sets them clearly on the road to a new and sober life.

Long-term alcohol rehab is the ideal intermediary stage between a traditional short-term rehabilitation program and going home. Allowing the individual extra time to become familiar with life again outside of his or her addiction, he or she will be surrounded by the tools and support he or she needs to be successful in kicking his or her habit. Long-term programs are not regimented in the same way as a short-term rehab would be. But, with some structure and expectations in place, young people have the guidance they need to stick to their new lifestyles.

How Does Long-Term Rehab Work?

There are certain expectations in place when young people enter long-term rehab that helps them to adhere to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

  • All recreational drugs and alcohol are banned in any long-term alcohol rehab center, so there will be no temptation to stray from the program. Even alcohol-based mouthwashes and cough mixtures are often banned so there will be no risk of these products being abused.
  • Young people can attend the 12-step program and are encouraged to take greater responsibility for themselves and their own ongoing recovery, taking leadership roles within the recovery community.
  • In a long-term program, young people will be able to pursue employment and attend educational facilities as part of their recovery process.
  • Verbal or physical violence will be entirely outlawed.
  • Self-sufficiency becomes more important at this stage of the young person?s treatment and he or she is given the guidance that he or she needs to further his or her own recovery one day at a time.

What Are the Benefits of Attending A Long-Term Alcohol Rehab Center?

For young people who have been struggling with alcohol dependence, there are many benefits to attending a long-term alcohol rehab center. For a start, those who attend these facilities have been shown to have a better chance of a successful recovery since the transition to the home environment will go much more smoothly. A long-term facility eases the individual back into a normal way of life over a long period of time while offering additional resources and support to cope with the unexpected challenges he or she will undoubtedly face once his or her initial rehabilitation period is over.

A long-term facility also offers protection from many of the temptations a young person would face in the outside environment. And, while he or she recovers, he or she will be living in a community that fosters recovery, with common goals of sobriety for every individual who is living there. Rather than negative peer pressure in his or her home environment, he or she will instead have a positive influence from those around them.

When first becoming sober, many young people have few relationships in their home environment. Many in their old friendship groups may still be using alcohol or drugs. However, in a long-term alcohol rehab center, they will be able to form new and strong friendships with other residents that will give them the support they need to remain sober.

While in a long-term facility, individuals also learn to take responsibility for themselves, fulfilling several obligations and taking on leadership responsibilities within their recovery group. The structure that a rehab center provides helps young people to become familiar with a new and sober way of living more rapidly, without overloading them with so many obligations that they cannot focus on their recovery.

Studies have shown one common trigger for relapse during the early period after their recovery is loneliness. However, a long-term alcohol rehab facility protects young people from experiencing this since they will be surrounded by others who are traveling the same path to recovery and who can share their experiences. Since boredom is another early relapse trigger, a rehab facility can also help since there are many activities to keep residents busy and focused so they do not dwell on alcohol.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Long-Term Alcohol Rehab Programs?

There are very few drawbacks to a long-term alcohol rehab program. While some young people dislike living in this type of environment, most find it is the best way to emerge from an addicted lifestyle successfully. For the individual?s family, the main drawback is having to live without their loved one at home. However, this is a small price to pay for their loved one?s continued well-being and for the chance to give him or her a long, productive, and sober life.

Here at SOBA New Jersey’s Addiction Treatment Center, it is our mission to help young people to become sober and to stay sober in the long term. Our customized approach is designed to meet the needs of every individual who comes to us for help, and by treating the underlying causes of addiction, we can help young people to live a life free of alcohol.

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