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Sober Communities Key to Success in Effective Rehabilitation

Today, Philip Chasin, the Owner, and Operator of SOBA New Jersey has highlighted a significant key to success in recovery. He firmly believes that the development and nurturing of sober communities should be a crucial aspect of every successful rehabilitation program offered in the United States.

Sober Communities Are the Key to Long Term Drug Rehabilitation

The SOBA New Jersey leader can speak with even more authority on this sensitive subject matter after winning an internal battle with addiction in the past in his own life. With alcoholism in his home growing up, drinking was something that started to get out of hand when he was a teenager. It was while in rehab following the birth of his son that Philip Chasin struck up an incredible friendship with the original Founder of Soba, Greg Hannley, who became one of his trusted mentors.

The rest has become an extraordinary story of history in the making. It is an ethos of authenticity at Soba that has won him the respect of clients and their families, staff – many of whom have also dealt with addiction problems, local and national organizations, a host of law enforcement agencies and top addiction researchers.

Addiction Recovery One Day at a Time

“Everyone should live by the motto of one day at a time – I do. The truth is that none of us knows what tomorrow may bring upon us but today you can choose to stay away from alcohol and drugs,” expressed, Philip Chasin, Owner, and Operator, SOBA New Jersey. “I have found living in the now to be a massive help. I also wholeheartedly believe in the value of continued therapy for people – including myself.

What is going on in the mind needs to be maintained and this is why treatment is something that you must stick with. The danger with stopping is that you can become weak and could quickly feel overwhelmed. You can see this with the importance of the drug use impact on young adults.

Sober Community Supporters Help Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Community supporters like drug rehab SEOMany sober community supporters have helped assist in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. These communities help an addict to be able to let go of any resentments. The communities that have helped include addiction service organizations and others like alcoholics anonymous.

I really wish to reemphasize the usefulness of the empowering sober communities we’ve made. On Wednesdays, I love to see our wonderful alumni who all graduated from our drug rehabilitation program in NJ come back. They attend ongoing support meetings at our state of the art transitional living facilities. In fact, it has been our honor to be able to employ stand out alumni onto our team. It makes not just for an inspirational but an aspirational environment. They have given our clients so much hope and encouragement. They share what is possible in their own lives and how they can help someone else turn their life around as well.

Understanding Resentment in the Addiction Treatment Recovery Process

Resentment is one of the areas that many need continuous work on.While this may be very difficult for them to do at first, it can prove to be an essential path along the road to recovery. Holding resentment of any kind and not being able to let go are fundamental blocks that will prevent people’s lives from getting better. He likes to use the simple analogy of a vacuum cleaner.

In the same way that the clogs and build-up of dust need regular cleaning – so too do negative thoughts. Staying sober is hard and requires a huge amount of discipline and self-control. This is why the sober communities have given Soba an edge in the provision of services designed towards longer-term results.

Addiction Hits Home with SOBA New Jersey CEO

When any moment of weakness arises, mentors play a decisive role. This time in January 2012, Philip Chasin’s father passed away. Understandably, it was a very strenuous time and his mentors were there for him when he needed them most to cope with the anxiety and depressive feelings. An intricate part of maintaining sobriety is finding people you admire and can look up to in the darkest of times. It is also imperative to make your living space an alcohol-free and drug-free zone. This includes preventing others from drinking and using drugs in your home as the temptation is far too great.

Keeping people who are clean and positive in your circle of influence is paramount. As is staying clear of potent triggers such as bars and locations where you have used drugs before. This also means dumping all paraphernalia and avoiding compelling reminders like even having powdered sugar on food. However, some imagination and positive imagery have a necessary place. Philip Chasin loves to picture the beach and rolling waves as part of one of his many relaxation techniques.

He consumes himself with these reinforcing images during times when stress is at its peak. In his mind’s eye, he imagines the sights and sounds as well as the comforting smell and feel of the ocean as his breath starts to very naturally slow down. This state of calm and serenity can also be achieved while staring at the brightness of a candle flame during short meditation practice.

Substance Abuse Addicts Helping Other Addicts

“Helping another addict is one of the best ways to stay clean yourself,” added, Philip Chasin. “The real lesson I have learned is that surrounding yourself with a sober community and support team is far-reaching. It is one of the reasons that rehab is effective. This removes the feelings of isolation and gives you the best shot at making it through the dark tunnel and safely out the other side to the light. That’s what I cherish most about the breakthrough Soba philosophy.”