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Primary Therapist Helps Fight Against Insurance Companies

Today, SOBA New Jersey, a leading New Jersey-based drug, and alcohol addiction treatment center and sober housing facility situated beside Rutgers University, wishes to highlight the admirable efforts undertaken by its Primary Therapist against insurance companies with a constant fight to reject 4-day, “Authorized Days,” policies.

SOBA Drug Rehabs New Jersey Fights Insurance Companies

Amanda Cannella, LSW, LCADC-Candidate, aggressively fights back insurance companies when they claim that someone fresh out of the hospital after an overdose only, “needs,” 4 days of treatment. At Soba, she is part of a large agency choosing to tackle the opiate epidemic and hold insurance companies accountable for providing compensation for the disease of addiction.

“It’s unbelievable, and frankly disgusting how little insurance companies are recognizing that it takes months to form new habits and years to create new associations after being addicted to drugs for so long, living life simply to avoid withdrawals,” expressed, Amanda Cannella.

“Imagine, just 4 authorized days to stabilize someone, equip them with all of the tools to be young, sober, and successful in a world filled with temptations and easy accessibility to drugs, reparation of ravished familial systems, and investment into new positive social circles – all supposed to be accomplished in 4 authorized days.” At SOBA we work with you on your substance abuse billing to be able to provide you with the best possible treatment available.

Drug Rehabilitation Therapist Inspired by Addiction Treatment Clients

After finishing Graduate School, Amanda received a call from one of her now life-long Mentors and former Professors asking if she would be interested in joining a new facility at the time. It only took Amanda a split second to decide to join the team at SOBA New Jersey. “The idea of being able to work in a long-term drug rehabilitation treatment center with young adults choosing to rebuild their careers and pursue higher-education after total destruction was a dream job for me. Each day, in groups and individual sessions.”

She continues, “I am inspired by seeing people willingly take advantage of all the services we have to offer to create lives worth living – free from powerful addictions. The first year was exciting and challenged me to grow in many areas. I got to be a part of creating what would soon become the best drug rehabilitation program in the State of New Jersey.”

Substance Abuse Recovery Takes Drive

Like everyone in the Soba family, there is always a personal drive that motivates a deeper meaning. Our staff goes behind the ethos that propels the entire operation and everybody forward. We’ve made great strides with our addiction outreach program with the mayor and police department in White Plans New York. “I’m one of those people who didn’t think they’d live past 25, so to be 27 working full-time on the front lines in addiction treatment is surreal. I learn from each of my clients. I’ve seen so many young people recover and believe first-hand in the power of the community to lift one another up from the trenches to success.”

“When I was a little girl I thought I wanted to be a teacher, and in a way, I’ve fulfilled that dream. I have a responsibility to educate the ignorant, intolerant, and uneducated about addiction and recovery. That has become my purpose. I can still see myself doing this in 20 or 30 years time, just hopefully closer to the beach and palm trees!”

Inpatient and Residential Drug Rehab Experience

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers options for the best drug rehabs New Jersey.Proven residential and inpatient drug rehabs New Jersey experience is a great benefit to our clients. “Through college, I gained my field experience with adolescents in a juvenile justice correctional setting. This was a long-term residential substance abuse treatment facility for youth with co-occurring disorders. I loved working with young people.

Despite all the chaos, trauma, and consequences they were facing, there is still such a tremendous capacity for change and growth. My favorite part of both jobs was being able to work individually with clients for more than 90 days because I could see the changes happen and the obstacles faced in our time together.” Substance abuse treatment needs much more than 4 paid days of treatment from the insurance companies. Inpatient treatment needs at least 30 days, outpatient treatment needs 8 weeks. The best chances of recovery also include them residing at the best sober homes New Brunswick offers.

Substance Abuse Therapists, Teachers, and Community Leaders Impact Addiction Treatment

After several Therapists, dedicated Teachers, and community leaders impacted her own life from a young age, Amanda decided to pursue Social Work. She admired the fundamental beliefs that these seasoned professionals and Mentors had in an individual’s capacity for change and success. She grew up with an observant eye and regularly studied her surroundings, taking note of all of the systemic barriers and challenges that those around her, including family, were facing.

In all areas of her life, she witnessed disenfranchised populations inadequately receive services and quality support. Lives were barred from success because of a history of incarceration, mental health, and substance use disorders. This enraged her and drove her to pursue a specialized addictions Social Work career.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Focuses on Reducing Overdoses

Amanda Cannella is also hugely aware of the importance of taking a long-term view when it comes to supporting structures. “The most challenging part about working in a long-term addiction treatment facility is watching clients regain everything. Without treatment, they become complacent in their recovery or not talk about how difficult accomplishments are, and then relapse. That is the scary part of addiction. I tell myself and my clients all the time that anytime they think they’ve got this is when they need to center themselves most within support frameworks.”

Since entering the field 5 years ago, Amanda has learned of more overdose deaths than she could ever have anticipated. Her clients are regularly preparing for the funerals of other young people and processing the deaths of loved ones lost to addiction. The news of hearing that someone has died of an overdose never gets easier. As a dedicated healthcare provider, she has not become numb or desensitized to it.

SOBA Drug Rehabs New Jersey Hope and Accountability

“To me, Soba means hope, accountability, freedom, and purpose. We strive to enrich our clients’ lives with meaning. We don’t seclude our clients to the middle of nowhere. Fill them with educational tools, wave goodbye and hope they apply everything they learned after leaving. We are a community-based treatment center and our clients live as close to a normal life as possible.”

Their sober living is next door to one of the largest college campuses in New Jersey, which allows them to practice being a young sober individual with real-world problems. Most of our clients have:

  • jobs
  • take classes
  • have a car or are saving for one
  • addressing their legal issues
  • developing relationships
  • going to the gym
  • participating in group recreational activities

They have fun here and I love being a part of that. To me, that’s what recovery is about. Learning how to live life to the fullest – without controlling substances.”

SOBA New Jersey, Doing More Than Fighting Insurance Companies

SOBA College Recovery treats underlying substance abuse issues at drug rehabs New Jersey.SOBA New Jersey is doing more than fighting the insurance companies. We know that the 4-days of treatment given by insurance is not nearly close enough to treat substance abuse. We go much deeper confronting the underlying psychological disorders and the symptoms of addiction for 18 to 30-year-olds. Their addiction treatment is individualized, meaning everyone has a custom treatment plan. Soba College Recovery is fully accredited by the Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program and is also a Member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

A new paradigm for the treatment of young people with a history of addiction has come to New Jersey. We mean it when we state that SOBA has what it takes to take a large bite out of our State-wide opiate epidemic. Here, families are renewed, and clearly, people are alive because of the impressive work achieved.