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Top 10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Drug Rehabs

Drug Rehabs, what are the top 10 questions to ask before entering? Deciding on alcohol detox, opioid detox, inpatient, intensive outpatient, IOP, and sober homes is challenging. There are many different levels of substance abuse treatment. However, it goes much deeper than just the levels of care. If you are a parent reading this article, chances are you are looking for advice to help your young adult. Your son or daughter may need a young adult drug rehabilitation program in New Jersey.

First, you should know that you are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 48 million Americans used illegal drugs in the last year. About 20 percent of teenagers under the age of 16 reports using alcohol. And, of those, more than 60 percent binge drink. According to the CDC, drug and alcohol use is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. In addition, the number of drug overdose deaths is rising.

Maybe you are worried about your son or daughter. You know that they need a substance abuse treatment program specializing in young adults. Perhaps you are worried your son or daughter needs an alcohol rehab facility in New Jersey. You may have questions about how to get someone into rehab. Here are some important questions you’ll want to have answered when looking for a program. We hope our list of questions will help you find the answers you seek about rehab for young adults.

Top 3 Initial Question Parents Should Ask About Drug Rehabs

Top-3-assessment-ment-questions-before-entering-drug-rehabsBefore you enroll your child in a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, they should be properly assessed. This is a critical stage and parents need to avoid cookie cutter substance abuse treatment facilities. The facility should carefully assess the condition of your young adult. This will help to determine whether the drug rehabilitation program is right for your child. Each potential patient should undergo a series of tests to determine which programs would benefit him or her the most.

There are several questions parents may want to ask drug rehabs about the assessment phase. Drugfree.org has guidelines to help parents find the right alcohol rehab facility or drug rehab program for young adults. Some of the questions you may want to ask before he or she enters a rehab facility in New Jersey include:

  1. First, what kind of tests does the drug rehabs apply to make the assessments? Are these assessments used by other programs? You will want the rehab facility in New Jersey you choose to use tests that are reliable and valid. Many treatment programs use tests that thousands of other treatment centers use. Therefore, the results will indicate where your young adult is in terms of his or her addiction.
  2. Second, ask what kind of program your son or daughter may be going into? Once the assessment phase is nearly complete, the clinicians can make a recommendation. The recommendation includes which treatment center your son or daughter may need to go into. The program may recommend that your son or daughter attend an inpatient drug rehabilitation program. Your young adult may be able to attend an outpatient drug rehab program in New Jersey.
  3. You’ll also want to know how long your child will spend in the program before it reassesses him or her. In addition, parents may want to know what the criteria are for eligibility into the rehab facility in New Jersey. Finally, as a parent, you will also want to know when your young adult can begin treatment.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessments Are Necessary with Drug Rehabs

The National Institutes of Health notes more 8 percent of people with addictions also have mental health conditions. Called a co-occurring disorder, it is not unusual for young adults to suffer from one. There is a strong connection between mental illness and substance abuse. Therefore, it’s important either an alcohol treatment center in New Jersey or drug rehab center in New Jersey test them. If they have a mental health issue, the center can address it during the treatment phase. Parents need to ask the treatment program if its screens for mental health issues. They also need to know whether a mental health treatment program will be a part of their young adult’s treatment. In addition, parents may want to ask the facility if it believes in using drug therapies to treat mental illness.

Parents Need to Understand Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment

Parents may also want to ask drug rehabs about integrated treatment programs. Research has proven that this type of treatment works for people with both mental issues and co-occurring disorders. Integrated treatment programs try to combine as many programs for the social and emotional health of young adults as possible. Integrated treatment programs are usually longer than other inpatient treatment programs in New Jersey.

They include vocational or educational resources, medical resources, and community resources. SOBA’s drug rehabs New Jersey rehabilitation programs provide these resources. They allow your son or daughter to receive the most comprehensive care possible. Parents may also want to ask if there are social programs within the facility. And, if the answer is no, ask if there are there any outside it. These programs allow young adults to make friends with people who do not use drugs or alcohol.

Ask About the Qualifications of Staff at Treatment Centers in New Jersey

Qualifications-of-staff-at-treatment-centers-in-New-JerseyOne important question parents should ask drug rehabs is about staff qualifications. How competent are the staff members at the drug rehabs in New Jersey? You will want to make sure all the people who are going to treat your son or daughter are well-trained. They need to undergo a background check as well.

  • Are the employees happy and devoted to their jobs?
  • What is the staff-to-patient ratio?
  • What types of degrees and certifications do staff members have?
  • If there’s a psychiatrist on staff, does he or she have a license in adolescent or adult psychiatry?
  • Are there staff members who have a license through an association for social workers or treatment counselors?
  • Be sure to ask about the culture and climate amongst clients and staff. Ideally, you should visit the center and hang around for a while to witness the activity.

To guarantee your son or daughter has the best possible care at drug rehabs, you must have all these questions answered. Depending on how old your young adult is, you may also want to ask about educational resources. Does the center have educational and medical staff to guarantee your young adult is getting everything he or she needs? Do not hesitate to ask as many questions in this area as you want. They are the key to any good outcome for treatment and recovery.

Will My Insurance Pay for Addiction Treatment at Drug Rehabs for My Child?

Another question to have answered is how can I pay for the treatment for my child? This is almost as important as knowing the qualifications of the staff at treatment centers in New Jersey. While some New Jersey rehab programs will tell you automatically about the costs associated with their treatment, others may not. There are questions you can ask, firstly, how much will the program cost? Different types of substance abuse treatment programs in New Jersey have different costs. The cost depends on the type of treatment and the length of stay. Also, the level of treatment matters. Let’s say, for example, your son or daughter must go through a detox center before being treated. There is an additional cost for that. Inpatient drug rehabilitation is more expensive than intensive outpatient rehab programs.

Many drug rehabs offer payment plans or financial aid. You will want to ask the center if it has this type of program is available. Parents may also want to ask if the program offers a sliding scale. Most programs based their sliding scale fees on the amount of money the young adult makes. The center can also base the scale on the amount of money you make as his or her guardian.

A Few Additional Questions Parents Must Ask Drug Rehabs

  1. Of course, there will be additional questions you may want to ask any drug rehabs New Jersey addiction treatment program. You should definitely ask about licensing. Is the facility licensed through the state? Nearly all states require that drug rehabilitation programs or alcohol treatment centers have licenses. If you do not trust the center’s assurances, you can always ask to see the license. Every licensed facility should have its license prominently displayed.
  2. Also, drug rehabs need to go through the accreditation process by the state in order to keep its license. You should ask the treatment center when it last went through accreditation. In general, most states require that treatment programs go through the accreditation process every three to five years.
  3. Parents may also want to ask about how involved the family will be in the treatment process. Is family information used as part of the therapy for the young adult? Who will see the family’s information? Will the center keep the information private? You will also want to ask about the privacy of your son or daughter’s records. Will the treatment program use the information for research? If so, you need to know whether it will use the information anonymously and for research purposes only.

Top 10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Drug Rehabs is a Starting Point


As a parent, deciding to place your child in a New Jersey drug rehabilitation program or an alcohol treatment center is traumatic. However, if you ask a lot of questions to drug rehabs before your young adult enters the program, you will be able to sleep easier. You will know that your son or daughter is in good hands. You will know the people treating him or her are top-notch and want him or her to be successful. We hope these questions will help you cope during this difficult time.

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