Adventure Therapy


Adventure Therapy More Than Other Drug Rehabs New Jersey

Adventure therapy is just one of the exciting options that SOBA College Recovery offers young adults. This component of our drug rehabilitation treatment program is more than therapeutic. Adventure therapy during an outpatient drug rehab program provides many advantages when recovering from substance abuse. When people abused drugs and alcohol, they often talked about being active. Things like playing sports, going hiking, planning trips, and all kinds of other grand schemes. Those plans rarely, if ever, came to any fruition. This is because drug and alcohol use took up much of their time, money, energy, and resources.

A newly sober young person usually has a lot of time on their hands, because they are probably not in school or working. Many of their friends are still using. They may be in a treatment program that occupies their days, but their nights and weekends are typically wide open. These young people often complain of boredom and that, “there is nothing to do,”  or they“are missing out.” Many of them proclaim that they, “feel like a loser monk.”

SOBA’s Drug Rehabs New Jersey Adventure Therapy Program

adventure_therapyOur outpatient drug rehabs New Jersey adventure therapy offers at least two organized activities a week. These activities are safe, culturally enriching, fun, and often physically active. Most importantly, they are fun and help these young people remember what it was like to smile, laugh and play in the sun. It is difficult to reminisce of the days before addiction took the joy out of their lives. Adventure therapy allows individuals time to free their minds and step back a little. New relationships are formed along with teamwork and comradery. Each activity is great in aiding in addiction recovery!

At least two times a month, SOBA College Recovery Case Manager Jesse Adams takes clients hiking or to plays. In the first three months of 2016, our outpatient drug rehabs New Jersey residents attended three plays. These included: Exit Strategy, Sense and Sensibility, and Dr. Faustus. Residents have hiked to Mt. Minsi (PA), up to the top of Mighty Storm King (NY). They also hiked the Iron Mine Trail in Harriman State Park (NY). There were over a dozen hikes in the Catskills for residents in 2018. Hiking has proven to be so helpful for people in recovery. There was a movie made about how hiking helped people in Seattle get clean. Also, significant studies have proven the effectiveness of hiking and other adventure therapies. The intensive outpatient addiction treatment takes students on a variety of other activities, which include:

  • Camping
  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • White Water Rafting
  • Beach Days
  • Picnics & BBQs
  • Sporting Events
  • Horseback Riding
  • Attractions & Water Parks
  • Movie Nights
  • Museums
  • Concerts & Performing Arts
  • Group Dinners
  • Seasonal Activities (Apple Picking, Haunted Houses)

SOBA’s Adventure Therapy Makes Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment Fun

When attending intensive outpatient drug rehabs it can be intimidating. Drug rehabilitation doesn’t have to be all about learning coping skills and clinical therapy. A treatment center for young adults needs to provide therapeutic options that their clients enjoy. Adventure therapy is an excellent release that also provides many benefits for addiction recovery.


Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change it. – Jamie Lee Curtis