Family Program

Addiction rips apart families. Family activities, dinners and holidays often fall prey to a member’s substance abuse. Silence, shouting, and tears become the normal modes of communication and members begin to isolate more and more. Your loved one’s substance use affects everyone in the family. You might find yourself distracted at work, thinking about it in the car, or having trouble sleeping. Many times even arguing with other family members that share your concerns. It’s devastating. We understand. We’ve been there.

The Importance of a Family Program During Addiction Treatment

Here at SOBA College Recovery, we believe in the importance of family. Therapy, safe housing, fun activities and getting an education are crucial aspects of our program. We strive to help improve the lives of our clients, but maximum recovery happens with family involvement and restoration. We help families heal so that all members can return to their daily routines without distractions. Family involvement is much more than sending a care package to a loved one in drug rehab. Understanding families participation in the rehabilitation process is critical.

Addiction: the disease that makes you too selfish to see the havoc you created or care about the people whose lives you have shattered.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Family Program

SOBA College Recovery offers a two-part family program every Thursday. In the first group, we educate family members about boundaries, expectations and the process of treatment. A second group is a multi-family group, where ground rules are set, confidentiality is explained, and everyone gets to know each other. Families realize that they are not alone because they meet others who have dealt with an addicted child.

A weekly psychoeducation lesson is followed up by individual sharing and support. Families get to know each other over the course of several months. They end up listening, talking, laughing, crying and rooting for each other. It is a community of families.

SOBA College Recovery is here to help your family heal. We’ve been through it. We know it can get so much better. Let our drug rehabs New Jersey clinic help you today.