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Long Term Drug Rehab

Long Term Drug Treatment Means Long Term Recovery

SOBA New Jersey is a long term drug treatment center. Long term treatment is often the best option to achieve a life of sobriety. Learning to live a life in recovery takes time and a lot of help. That’s why we offer treatment programs that can last up to 6 months. Long term rehab provides individuals with the time required to develop the skills, mindset, and lifestyle necessary for living sober.

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About Long Term Drug Rehab Programs

To have the best chance of a successful recovery, long term rehab is the answer. It often takes a lot more than detox or residential treatment to fully overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Long term rehab can last up to 180 days or longer. The length of this program helps to prevent relapse by breaking patterns of addiction through structured treatment. We treat and teach our clients to live a life free from addiction through a gradual step-down process, easing them into a life post-treatment. Long term drug treatment is especially helpful for a person experiencing chronic relapse or severe addiction.

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What Is Long Term Drug Rehab?

Long term rehab is treatment for an addiction that lasts more than 60 days and can be up to 180 days or more. It typically consists of a full continuum of care and results in the greatest chance of a person’s successful recovery.

Our Long Term Treatment Program Includes:

Detox for Drugs & Alcohol, which lasts between 5-10 days.
Residential Inpatient Treatment, which lasts about 30 days.
Then our clients move through the Partial Care, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and Outpatient levels of care during the remaining months of treatment. Clients are stepped down to less rigorous treatment levels as approved by our treatment team. This prepares our clients to live a successful, sober life, after graduating from our program.

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A Community Of Care

Our long term drug rehab program is focused on building the foundation for a successful, sober future. To achieve this we build a community of care into our program. This means our facilities are designed to be welcoming, safe, and supportive environments enable the best treatment possible.

We also deliver peer-to-peer recovery. Many of our support staff have gone through the recovery process and know what battling addiction is like. Our support staff is there to help and guide our clients 24/7, providing a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand.

Going Beyond Long Term Treatment

Statistically, long term treatment is the most successful approach to treating addiction. At SOBA New Jersey we do everything we can to help our clients overcome addiction and prepare for life outside of treatment. This includes setting up a support network, going to 12 step meetings, and securing a sponsor. When treatment ends and our clients graduate, we make sure they’re fully prepared for life after treatment. 

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