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Luxury Drug Rehab Facility In New Jersey

Looking for a drug rehab center in NJ?

SOBA New Jersey is the premier addiction treatment facility in New Jersey. We have been providing alcohol and drug rehab services since 2014 and are ranked in the top 8 Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey.

Our substance abuse facilities include our drug and alcohol detox center, a clinical treatment center, and sober living housing options. All of these facilities are located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, each in walking distance from Rutgers University.

How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab Facility for You

Finding the most effective substance abuse treatment program is an important and difficult decision. You’ll want to find a rehab that fits your needs and goals. At SOBA New Jersey, we offer all levels of care so we can meet you wherever you are on your recovery journey. Our levels of care include detox, residential, partial care, intensive outpatient, and outpatient treatment services. We specialize in rehab for young adults, and our long term drug rehab offers the best chance of a successful recovery.

Here are the steps you should take to find the best drug rehab facility in New Jersey to fit your needs.

1) Check Their Credentials

Choosing your drug rehab is an important choice that could determine how effective your treatment is. That’s why it’s essential to do your research and look at what sort of credentials and qualifications your facility has. These can include:

  • Any certifications they might have
  • Their reviews on Google or Facebook
  • The number of patients they have helped
  • The qualifications of their treatment team

After looking up some of the local options you are considering, compare them on these factors. Chances are, one of them will rise up above the rest as a clear winner in terms of credentials. SOBA New Jersey is accredited by The Joint Commission, has great reviews on Google, and our team includes master’s level clinicians.

2) Do They Take an Individualized Approach?

No two people suffer from addiction in the exact same way. Regardless of the substance, a person is addicted to, how long they have been addicted, or how their condition manifests themselves, these people are unique individuals. Their experiences with addiction are all different. For this reason, the drug rehab facility they entrust their care to should treat them as the unique case that they are.

It is essential to find a facility that advocates for an individualized approach to finding a treatment method that works for you or your loved one. This would mean that the facility designs a customized plan for the patient, providing one-on-one, individualized therapy with skilled therapists. At SOBA, we provide individualize treatment structured around a three phase program proven to work.

3) Treatment of the Root Cause

It’s important that you choose a rehab facility that not only treats withdrawal symptoms, but also treats the underlying cause of addiction – which is often a mental health issue.

Treatment often fails if a rehab facility does not treat the root cause. SOBA New Jersey is a dual diagnosis facility, meaning we treat both addiction and mental health issues in our patients.

4) Comfort and Care

You’ll want to find a drug rehab facility that you can feel comfortable in. This often has to do with the facility’s amenities and care team. At SOBA, our support staff is available 24/7 to make sure our patients have everything the need to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible. We offer modern comforts in our luxury detox, including a hot tub and spa room, modern bedrooms and baths, and 5-star meals by an executive chef.

Our Drug Rehab Program

We offer customizable, comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment that helps individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Drug rehabilitation can be difficult, but we tailor our programs to provide the right treatment options for each individual.

Each level of care is supported by well-designed sober living systems, which provide the proper environments that lead to a strong recovery. For the best recovery outcomes we believe in a long term rehab approach that allows our clients to get the most out of treatment.

Along with our rehab services, we’re proud to offer enhanced coordination of care and dedicated case management. These services assist with the home, family, legal and financial components of life. Ensuring our clients successful sobriety both in and out of treatment.

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Starting Addiction Treatment at SOBA

For most of our clients, starting rehab for drugs or alcohol at SOBA New Jersey often begins with a brief stay at our detox facility in New Brunswick, NJ. It’s one of the newest detox facilities in the state and features luxury amenities including a spa room. Typically, a stay at the detox will last between 5-10 days, depending on the substance and severity of usage.

Our detox team provides medically monitored withdrawal management for our clients. Managing drug and alcohol withdrawal is a tough process so we provide high quality living spaces to ensure clients are as comfortable as possible while getting the medical care they need. 

Addictions We Treat

Our drug rehab center treats a wide variety of addictions including:

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