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Our Program: Phase 1

In Phase I, of our addiction treatment program, our primary focus upon arrival is welcoming every new member. We help them recognize the safe, nurturing environment we have established in order to help them open up. Individuals begin to take a look at reality and begin to deal with it head on with professional support.

Assessment and Assimilation

Phase 1 begins with assessments of a client’s immediate and long-term needs. These include Admission, Intake, Health, Bio-Psycho-Social, and Case Management Assessments. We also perform Psychiatric Assessments repeatedly throughout the treatment process. This allows us to continually evaluate any co-occurring disorders and provide the best possible care.

Phase 1 also focuses on assimilation. This is the time our new clients become comfortable with their peers, establish their needs for treatment, attend a broad range of cultural and recreational events. This is where change begins, each client connects with new, healthy individuals and role models that provide guidance to a better future. Clients can then build a new routine and a pattern of healthy decisions by working with their primary therapist in addition to their case manager to assure all their needs are being met.

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Addressing Physical Health & Wellness

During Phase I of treatment, we prepare and provide our clients with all meals. We developed our meal plan exclusively for our treatment center. It provides a nutritious and healthy foundation for physical recovery. SOBA New Jersey also provides resources such as nutrition education, meal planning, and preparation. We also assist in developing healthy exercise habits and proper sleep hygiene.

In Phase I, clients undergo a full fitness assessment including body mass index, body fat percentages, a range of motion and form. We address personal and recommended goals. And our trainers establish individualized exercise routines. We review performance and results and modify routines every quarter to best support our clients with their newly developed short-term and long-term goals.

Each client receives access to a world-class health and wellness facility, the RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center, the first medically based health and wellness center in the country. The RWJ Fitness & Wellness center is located a few blocks from our treatment center and clients can access a wide range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment including a wide variety of:

  • Cardio machines
  • Free weights
  • Resistance training equipment
  • Two Olympic sized indoor swimming pools
  • Jacuzzis
  • Saunas & Steam Rooms
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Suit Up, Show Up

Enthusiasm for a sober life and the willingness to take responsibility are key factors that we look for in clients during Phase 1. We help our clients take on the responsibility and understanding required to live a life in recovery. And help them establish the everyday routines that the real world requires.

Our clients’ lives happen outside of addiction treatment. That’s why we encourage clients to take steps to create a foundational network outside of their treatment. A network that can support them while they are in the treatment process. This network can and should consist of a home group, a sponsor, and external 12-step meetings. Our suit up and show up approach is meant to reinforce that our clients are not their addiction. It shows that they are capable of living successfully in recovery, and that there is a path to get back to being who they really are, and that path starts here.

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