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Our Program: Phase 2

After the necessary values and determining factors have been met to successfully complete Phase 1, clients then transition to Phase 2 of our addiction treatment program.

Building Self-Sufficiency

At a certain point maintaining sobriety and maintaining recovery becomes as much about managing your life as it is about managing your addiction, so our focus on Phase 2 is all about helping clients reach a higher level of self-sufficiency and guide them in taking the steps to build the foundation for a successful future in recovery.

We support and assist our clients as they create resumes, go on job interviews, apply to schools, get back to work, and take steps to set up their future and reach their goals.

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Developing Autonomy

Developing autonomy is crucial for recovery to be integrated into everyday life. In addition to the clinical treatment our clients receive for drug and alcohol abuse, we help develop deeper essential life skills that range from doing a load of laundry to creating and sticking to a personal budget. For high-functioning addicts, we teach our clients how to integrate recovery into their everyday and professional lives.

Phase 2 also focuses on the idea of having fun in sobriety. We help our clients explore new avenues of adventure, excitement, joy, and entertainment. Developing outlets for positive experiences while in recovery is key for a successful and fulfilling sober lifestyle.

Sober Living

During this phase of our addiction treatment program clients get the opportunity to live in our long-term sober living facilities in order to take full advantage of our support and resources. Our sober living facilities are 24 hour staffed and give our clients a space conducive to living in recovery while they proceed to go back to school, get back to work and dig into what life has to offer.

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Putting in the Work

Our Therapists continue to provide emotional check-ins and certain levels of care while our Case Managers monitor the development and strength of our clients’ recovery network built outside of our addiction treatment program.

This external network is crucial for a successful transition into society as an active, participating member that is living a life in recovery. Meanwhile, our Support Staff is ever present as role models for clients. As the clients begin working, learning and volunteering in the local community, our support staff model the necessary dress, professionalism and behavioral habits needed to succeed. All phases of treatment maintain access to support staff 24 hours a day through their length of treatment.

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