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Our Program: Phase 3

By the time clients reach Phase 3, living sober has become second nature and we begin introducing a new focus: their continued success and future. As our clinical team continues with drug and alcohol treatment, clients begin taking classes and working in new jobs. This is where the rubber meets the road and a true plan of action for the transition to sustainable success begins.

Challenge Accepted

Phase 3 is all about transitioning out of treatment and reintegrating into a more independent situation. Clients at this phase have come to understand and firmly believe in a new, fulfilling way of life. They are willing and ready to face any and all of life’s challenges. Clients also understand that a continuous process of overcoming the challenges life poses is what it takes to lead a successful life in recovery.

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Group therapy session

Diving Deeper

At Phase 3 post-acute issues have been settled, and each member of our community has found stability and success in changing their life. Clinical Therapy is now more heavily focused on addressing any on-going issues, reaching deeper developmental progress without disturbing the balance of everyday living.

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Family Focused

As each client approaches the end of their stay during Phase 3, the family dialogue begins about what the next steps will be. Individual family sessions with our clients’ clinical therapists can be established to accurately plan for continued growth and success beyond our program. Additionally, our Family Support Program provides healing for the family which is crucial to the recovery process of the individual.

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