Phase I Residential Addiction Treatment, IOP, and Intensive Outpatient Assessments

Addiction treatment during Phase I happens after assessment of inpatient, residential, IOP and intensive outpatient drug rehabs assessment. Congratulations are in order when you reach phase I. You have made the most difficult step in regaining your life back. Our drug rehabilitation begins with assimilation into the community. This is the time our new clients become comfortable with their peers and establish their needs for treatment. They will attend a broad range of cultural and recreational events.

A New Community with Tailored Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Community connection to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Substance Abuse Treatment

Reintegration into mainstream society and a connection to the community are an aspect of addiction treatment. It is critical to get a thorough exposure to weekly 12-step meetings in the New Brunswick area. This is the moment the change transformation begins. Clients are able to build new connections with healthy young adults. They will break free from the unhealthy habits of addiction they have known previous to their arrival. Individuals are then able to build a new routine and a pattern of healthy decisions. This will be done by working with their primary therapist in addition to their case manager to assure all their needs are being met. Phase I of SOBA’s drug rehabs New Jersey program is a crucial time of establishing change and implementing new behaviors to ensure a solid foundation of recovery.

Phase I: We Suit Up, We Show up for Addiction Treatment

Get the Addiction Recovery Help You Need.

PHASE I: Drug Rehabs New Jersey Resources and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

In Phase I, of our addiction treatment program, our primary focus upon arrival is welcoming every new member. We help them recognize the safe, nurturing environment we have established in order to help them open up. Individuals begin to take a look at reality and begin to deal with it head on with professional support. As each new resident begins to assimilate into our community, we begin to fill the void of a life without purpose. We address the underlying problems which have crippled their success for a healthy, meaningful and bright future.

Clinical Therapy for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health

Clients are assessed upon arrival for their immediate and long term needs during their time at SOBA College Recovery drug rehabs New Jersey. The process begins with a clinical interview to assess the history and current needs to be addressed. This will be standing weekly individual therapy sessions lifting addiction off your shoulders. They will be in a very nurturing, one-on-one setting which will continue for their entire length of stay. Phase I is also the time when each client receives a full schedule of addiction treatment group therapy. It will provide partial care, and cover a wide range of addiction and dual diagnosis related topics for education. We also provide a full psychiatric assessment with our ASAM certified psychiatrist. Our Doctor will then continue to see each of our residents on a regular basis throughout their stay.

Case Management on Addiction Treatment and Regaining Your Life

SOBA College Recovery’s addiction treatment case managers offer a wealth of personal experience with navigating healthcare, employment, and education. Phase I case management begins with the assessment of an individual’s non-clinical needs. This begins with health and personal safety as well as outstanding legal problems. These are some of the biggest issues that people neglect in their active addiction. By clearing up the outstanding issues, it allows the client to focus his or her attention on personal development. Health, legal, personal hygiene, and self-care needs are met during Phase I. Clients are then prepared for the next task of preparing themselves for success. Each plan focuses on communication, short to medium term achievement, and relationship building in a new life of sobriety.

Drug Rehabilitation Support Staff

The support staff at our addiction treatment facility is available 24 hours a day for all of our residents throughout their stay. Our staff is available to assist with transportation, shopping, doctor visits, and supervision of recreational activities. They also provide constant emotional support and advice. Many of our support staff have multiple years of sobriety themselves and understand the overwhelming emotional needs of a person in early recovery. The support staff will help many overcome the 7 myths about drug abuse and addiction. They help guide you during your stay and make you comfortable.

Health & Wellness

When addiction and mental disorder take a front seat in a young person’s life, he or she most often begins to neglect his or her own well-being as a result. Sometimes addiction and mental disorder can disrupt an individual’s life. Many have never been able to establish the healthy self-care habits that successful adults need. Our outpatient drug rehabs New Jersey options address these issues and more.

During Phase I of treatment, all meals are prepared and provided for our clients in accordance with the SOBA 365 nutrition and meal plan of Diet Free Life. These are developed exclusively for our substance abuse treatment center to provide a nutritious, healthy foundation for recovery. SOBA College Recovery also provides resources such as nutrition education, meal planning, and preparation. We also assist in developing healthy exercise habits and proper sleep hygiene. The clients of our drug rehabs New Jersey centers receive access to a world-class health and wellness facility.

Robert Wood Johnson Health and Wellness, the first medically based health and wellness center in the country, is located a few blocks from our treatment center. Clients access a wide range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment including a wide variety of:

  • cardio machines
  • free weights
  • resistance training equipment
  • two Olympic sized indoor swimming pools
  • Jacuzzis,
  • a country club style locker rooms equipped with sauna and steam rooms

In Phase I, clients undergo a full fitness assessment including body mass index, body fat percentages, a range of motion and form. We address personal and recommended goals and individualized exercise routines are established. After reviewing and measuring results, routines are modified and updated every quarter to best support clients with their newly developed short and long term goals.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

The very first-week new community members arrive, they are taken out to community activities with support staff and other members of the residential community. Our most popular recreational activities is our drug rehab adventure therapy. Our activities are scheduled multiple times per week and include a wide range of physical and outdoor events. Some of these are for athletes, cultural events including dining experiences, and stage productions. Individuals will experience plays and musical theater events, museum trips, as well as other events.

Some of the more popular include sober dances, bonfires, movies and games like mini golf and bowling. These activities are extremely important in learning to have fun in recovery. They build new associations of what it means to connect, have fun, and grow. We also strive to expose our clients to a wide range of events in order to give them the exposure they need to learn new passions. Many develop healthy new hobbies as they continue on their lifelong journey.

Family Support Program

At SOBA College Recovery Drug Rehabs New Jersey, healing the family system is paramount. Our Family Group program is held every other week for clients throughout their stay. Families are encouraged to come and participate in rebuilding the relationships so often destroyed by addiction. Family members are also encouraged to take part in scheduled individual family therapy sessions. These are provided by appointment with our individual clinical therapists. They promote individual progress and heal the family dynamic in a safe and private forum.

12-Step Integration to AA Meetings New Brunswick

AA Meetings New Brunswick are required at SOBA

Upon arrival, Phase I clients are taken on a daily basis outside to the best AA meetings New Brunswick has to offer. These 12-step meetings expose them to the entire scope of the recovery community. They are encouraged to participate in meetings, sharing their experience, meeting new people, and finding support and strength. This is accomplished through the adults and young adults they meet. Therapeutic treatment is vital to the recovery of our clients, these meetings give a sense of belonging and community shared. It becomes a natural support system for a lifetime of freedom from addiction. Weekly, we also sponsor a private SOBA College Recovery alumni meeting. This is where we celebrate the milestone achievements of our community members and hand-select speakers to come to share their experience, strength and hope with our clients.