Preparation and Care-Frontation

In 2014, more than 47,000 Americans died from a drug overdose. Millions more struggle with addiction and find their education or careers derailed. Even worse, hundreds of thousands end up in the criminal justice system for charges directly related to their substance use disorder. There are other tragedies, and families are often devastated, seemingly beyond repair. At SOBA College Recovery, we are aware of all of this. The owners and many of the employees of the program have been there.

Our Preparative Care Program has been thoughtfully developed to provide young people struggling from addiction and mental health disorders with life skills through highly personalized case management, training and community living.

Get the Addiction Recovery Help You Need.

Our process is focused on changing the way we live with addiction. By guiding our clients in the ways of living happy, healthy and sober lives, we can prepare them and direct them into the transformations required for success. While only the individual who is ready can embrace this new way of living, our dedicated staff prepares them for the lifelong journey that is recovery. Our program focuses on paving the way for the deep and profound personal work that is required. SOBA College Recovery graduates do not return home the same people they were when they left. Instead, they return with a newfound happiness, purpose, passion and desire for fulfillment in healthy and positive ways.

SOBA College Recovery’s plan of action requires learning to be sober in productive real-world living among friends, family and peers. We allow our clients to address every facet of life, both mental and physical, through sober residential living and life skill development. We offer a good chance at success by providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment, addiction psychiatry, help with starting (or restarting) higher education, physical fitness, recreation, and family healing with improved communication.

We have painstakingly ordered our services into phases which are then thoughtfully put into practice. Each phase of our program is personalized to meet each client’s need and to match the client’s particular family dynamics as well as helping develop the individual’s life goals.