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Drug Rehab For Young Adults

Rehab for Young Adults

SOBA New Jersey specializes in the mental health and addiction treatment of young adults. This program began as an addiction recovery program for college students. It has since grown to help all young adults, aged 18-25.

We’ve designed our young adult track to address the specific needs of adolescents. This program helps young adults overcome the problems they face with their addiction and co-occurring disorders. Lasting sobriety and a life in recovery can be more difficult for younger people to achieve and maintain. We’ve developed this track specifically to overcome that difficulty.

Young adults enjoying nature while in addiction treatment
Case manager talking with addict in treatment

Young Adult Treatment Program

Clients in our young adult rehab program receive treatment that we customize based on their specific needs and situation. Our young adult clients receive premier clinical care from our staff of experts. And we handle every client with the compassion and understanding that they deserve.

What sets our drug rehab for young adults apart from other facilities’ is our focused Case Management. Our Case Managers work diligently to get our young adult clients’ lives back on track. They help them address external aspects of life that are foundational to the recovery process. These include home life, legal issues, financial issues, education, 12-Step immersion, career guidance and more.

Each step taken along the treatment journey focuses on the goals of the client. Most often these goals include getting back into school, getting and holding a steady job, and discovering a new direction and purpose. This is what our young adult clients need and this is what we help them achieve.

Young Adults Are More Susceptible to Drug Use

Young adults tend to be more susceptible to drug abuse and addiction. Many people in their late teens and early twenties are still susceptible to the effects of peer pressure, which can sometimes lead to drug use. Also, young adults are more vulnerable to drug addiction because the brain is still developing. And they are often more susceptible than older adults to both risk-taking activities and reward-based behaviors. All these factors combine to result in greater susceptibility to addiction, putting young adults at greater risk.

How Young Adults Become Addicted

Our brain is responsible for encouraging our behaviors, it does this via a “reward system.” To encourage survival, our brains reward us for acts such as eating and sexual intercourse. This reward comes in the form of a chemical, dopamine. The reward system floods our brain with dopamine, which results in a pleasurable sensation. When released at levels that are higher than usual, dopamine can have a euphoric effect. It is this mechanism that is behind the brain’s role in drug addiction.

Drugs can induce higher and longer-lasting dopamine levels than the brain’s intrinsic rewards, because of this, an addictive disorder can develop.

A long-term result of this dopamine over-activity tends to be a decreased brain sensitivity to the neurotransmitter which can lead to an inability to enjoy any pleasurable activities.

Some of the effects of drug addiction, like cravings and needing to increase the dosage, are a result of how they affect the brain’s reward system.

Young adults are more susceptible to the addictive effects of drugs on the brain’s reward system. This is because the brain continues to develop into the mid-20’s and, until the process is complete, it functions differently. The part of the brain that is responsible for both the planning of actions and the formation of habits is more influenced by the reward system at this age. Therefore, the release of dopamine that results from drug use will affect decision-making more in young adulthood than it will later.

It’s crucial to seek drug rehab for young adults if they are experiencing substance abuse issues. 

Our Commitment To Education

Young adults struggling with addiction should not have to choose between receiving an education and receiving treatment. At SOBA New Jersey, treatment for drug addiction and co-occurring mental disorders does not  serve as an interruption to education. We fully support ongoing education as a part of recovery and we’re here to give our clients the structure and motivation they need to pursue it.

Our Educational Advisors and Case Managers are experts in working with clients struggling with addiction. They work individually with each of our young adult clients, assessing their current educational status and creating educational goals. Case Managers discuss many factors that contribute to how a client can go about furthering their education. They review past coursework, financial status, career goals, and addiction treatment status.

We re-acclimate students whose addiction interrupted their education and introduce first-time students to the educational options they have in front of them. Once a client has decided they want to further their education, we work with them on every aspect of the process. This includes, applying to colleges, writing essays, applying for financial aid, managing time, and much more.

Young woman studying in college at a library

Supporting Students and Their Recovery

Our program offers several groups throughout the week that are specific to students and their needs. We incorporate these groups into the addiction treatment for young adults. In these groups, clients learn about academic planning, syllabus management, and effective studying habits. We show our clients ways to efficiently structure and budget their time, lessening the stress that can fill a student’s life.

These groups also provide a space for clients to work with one another and to share their experiences and suggestions. Most importantly, they provide a space for young adults to inspire one another to succeed.

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Helping Young Adults Achieve a Sober and Successful Future

Our program’s structure provides a framework for young adults to overcome their addiction and mental health disorders while achieving new levels of maturity and self-sufficiency. We don’t just help our young adult clients live a sober life, we give them the tools, techniques, and understanding needed to build a more successful future.

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