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SOBA Outreach Initiative

Soba Outreach initiative is a federal opiate response team partnered with police stations around the country. Soba’s responsibility involves the hands-on training of close to 1,000 police officers as part of the CLEAR-Community Law Enforcement/Addiction Recovery Initiative.

SOBA Outreach Initiative Partners

  • Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative
  • East Brunswick Police Department
  • Woodbridge Police Department
  • Harrison Police Department
  • Milltown Police Department
  • Middlesex NJ Police Department
  • City Of White Plains Police Department

Our Goal

The SOBA Outreach Initiative aims to combat the growing opiate epidemic with collaboration from national and local law enforcement and health organizations. By taking this approach we hope to improve public health, reduce crime, reduce recidivism, strengthen communities, and decrease stigma. Our strategy will directly reduce financial burden on communities, by reducing wasted man hours and resources involved in repeat hospital visits and other emergency and aid services.

Execution of our mission is carried out by a team consisting of three key positions; A Program Supervisor, a Patient Navigator, and Recovery Specialists. Utilizing comprehensively trained SOBA Recovery Specialists in a peer-to-peer approach, we can provide non-clinical services with the aim of persuading the individual to seek treatment. By utilizing trained individuals with shared life experience in addiction, the chances of breaking through to the sufferer in their vulnerable state is much greater and we see better results.