Josh Black

Josh Black has been a member of staff at SOBA College Recovery since May 2016. He is currently fulfilling the role of Operations Supervisor. As a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and member of the SOBA Overdose Outreach Program, Josh is the one who brings the message of hope and recovery to individuals who land up in the emergency room because of an overdose.

Josh has been in long term recovery from the disease of addiction since late 2013. He wants to dedicate his second chance at life to helping others caught in the grips of addiction or to those who have just begun the journey down the long road to recovery. Josh simply can’t imagine doing anything else with his life.

Josh plays the drums and writes in his spare time. He enjoys going to concerts with friends in recovery, going to the beach in summer and when he is able, traveling to new places.


Josh is currently pursuing his dream to become a Licensed Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.