Michelle Conway

Michelle has been a member of the SOBA College Recovery family since January of 2017. Michelle began here a housing technician, and currently fulfills the role of Operations Supervisor. Michelle has multiple years clean from the disease of addiction, and because of this she works, very passionately, with all of our clients, as if they are her own kids. Michelle has a son in his mid-twenties, so she understands the trials and tribulations of being a parent, and is often referred to as our “house mom.” Michelle can often be found encouraging our clients to clean their rooms, and is always available day or night to have a one on one conversation with them, and values the opportunity to share her experience strength and hope.  

Michelle loves spending time with her large family including three dogs and a cat. Michelle is also a certified recovery coach, and enjoys coaching those in recovery in her spare time. She enjoys attending a twelve step fellowship, and loves to spend time with good people.