Sonya Elefante

Sonya Elefante is the Operations Coordinator at SOBA College Recovery and has been part of the team since April 2015. She supervises the Operations Team and plays an active part in the ongoing growth and evolution of the community.

Sonya has worked in the field of addictions recovery since 2013 and has personal experience of addiction and recovery, which she uses in her assistance to those seeking help. She remains grateful for the help she has and continues to receive from others and values the genuine bonds that she has formed with staff and clients at SOBA College Recovery.

Sonya is also an artist who works with mostly acrylic on canvases. She occasionally holds exhibitions around New Brunswick.  When not working or studying, Sonya enjoys been outdoors or adding to her tattoo collection.


Sonya is working toward receiving her Master’s in Social Work from Rutgers University and intends to work clinically with clients in the field of addiction.