Substance Abuse Treatment for Young Adults

SOBA College Recovery’s specific motivation is to help those in a community setting who may have a problem with substance abuse or other mental disorders commonly associated with substance abuse. At each phase of treatment, clients receive certain levels of care, with a gradual step-down process proven most effective for recovering adults in this phase of their lives. When enough trust is built, clients are stepped-down from their level of controlled supervision and given more responsibility and privilege. Throughout treatment, our clients are to receive personalized attention and therapeutic care for addiction and the underlying co-occurring disorders associated with drug abuse and mental health issues. The simple idea is that the more clients work through the program the more they become self-sufficient and learn to care more about their actions and take responsibility for their own futures.

How our Young Adult Program Works

During the initial phase of our program, we teach our clients how to become characters of action and focus on undertaking many simple daily tasks such as cleanliness, personal hygiene, and physical health. Our team of case managers assist every step of the way providing the needed planning, communication and guidance to help take care of any outstanding issues outside the program that stand in the way of their recovery process. These are essential steps in order to start living a healthy, sober lifestyle. They help to ease anxiety and restore order in daily life. The preliminary phase of our program focuses on peer to peer relationship building and making healthy lifestyle choices a part of sober life. All of these lifestyle changes begin immediately upon admission. These changes are in conjunction with extensive evaluation, treatment plan development and assessment of individual needs. Clients are given the best opportunity to begin to respect themselves and the people around them in order to move forward and grow toward success.

Get the Addiction Recovery Help You Need.

When clients have successfully shown that they can demonstrate the values necessary to move onto the next phase of treatment, they are simultaneously given more responsibility for themselves, and less restriction of their time. On this phase of treatment, clients will begin to re-enter society and school. At this point, clients begin to attain and build confidence and future goals while still actively practicing the principles from the previous phase of treatment. This gives each individual a defined incentive to take advantage of new opportunities for work and education. It is in this phase that case managers begin to assist clients with resume construction, job interview training and educational enrollment assistance for those looking to move forward toward stability and financial independence.

After successfully completing the first two phases of treatment, clients are then stepped down to the lowest level of treatment. Here, clients have minimal daily requirements and become even more self-sufficient. Many of our clients pursue both education and employment simultaneously, but each individual is given the best resources to help them follow their path toward future success, one day at a time. Clients also begin to start developing relationships outside of the program in 12 step meetings, taking active roles in the recovery community, and defining themselves as leaders of their peer group.

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