Client Liaisons

Client Liaisons Help Drug Rehabs New Jersey Participants

Help from our client liaisons at the drug rehabs New Jersey drug rehabilitation program.Many client liaisons at SOBA College Recovery drug rehabs New Jersey have been in recovery for multiple years. They are involved with the 12-step program and guide our intensive outpatient treatment clients. In addition to the duties of driving, managing client schedules, taking clients on activities, they are also role models for our clients and positive guides in the recovery process.

Our clients can look at the liaisons and think, “if they could do it, I can.” Before someone becomes something, they have to imagine it first. It’s easier to imagine staying sober for two years, completing college, getting a job and having an apartment if you can see other people just a few years older than you do it on a regular basis.  The client liaisons work closely with our well-qualified drug and alcohol addiction treatment staff. This provides the best experience and tools needed to overcome drug addiction.

Clients Liaisons Integrate the IOP Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs Program

Our client liaisons have been trained to help others in early recovery. They know how our IOP intensive outpatient drug rehabs New Jersey program works. They make this transition comfortable and guide you to longterm recovery. Young adults are a little scared when entering a drug rehabilitation program. They have the requirements of SOBA’s substance abuse program and must get involved with AA (Alcoholics Annonymous) Meetings. The client liaisons help the clients get involved with the best AA meetings New Brunswick has to offer. They also help in many other ways in transitioning to a drug-free life.

They know that sometimes newly sober people need to talk or vent. They know how to help someone with addiction problems. Knowing how to help a recovering addict is important. Having personal knowledge of early recovery as well as its pitfalls, our client liaisons provide direct assistance in providing a voice of reason, and an understanding ear no matter what struggles our clients are dealing with. This could happen in the morning, before dinner or very late at night. They are always willing and available to assist in any way possible. You can check out our drug rehabs New Jersey program and contact us today.

You don’t recover from an addiction once you stop using. You recover by creating a new life where it is easier to not use.

Substance Abuse Treatment Guided by Experienced Individuals

SOBA’s drug rehabs New Jersey facility has many that have graduated from our highly rated outpatient rehabilitation program. Young adults need a specialized program, even more, they need mentors that have been through a good program. Our liaisons know how the program works and guide you through the entire process. They are mentors continually guiding along the life-long journey.

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